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6 ‘Maintenance Checks’ You Must Make Before Every Ride

By 2 years ago 3672 Views 2 comments

Checking your bike before you ride is an important part of both long-term maintenance and ensuring your own safety, especially if you'll be riding on busy roads or choppy trails.

These pre-ride checks might look like tedious chores at first glance, but it only takes a few minutes to check the items below, and trust me - that will be a few minutes well invested as you'll be avoiding potential risks and stress further down the line.

So... here goes:

Your Pre-Ride Maintenance Checklist

Simple 11 Step Process to Convert Your MTB Tyres from Tubed to Tubeless

By 2 years ago 3400 Views 1 comment

Going tubeless is all the rage – and it's an easy process that just about anyone can do.

There are two very good reasons for changing your tubed MTB tyres to tubeless: Volume resistance and puncture resistance. You will decrease the total weight of your tire by up to 300g, which in turn decreases volume resistance. Also, there will be no tube to puncture and any tiny holes will be filled by fluid –making it puncture resistant. It's a win-win situation and will only take a few minutes to complete.

7 Simple Weight Savings For a Massive Advantage on Your Bike

By 2 years ago 3817 Views 1 comment

Some people ride for the fun of it. Some people ride for the exercise benefits. That's all good but if you are in it to win it – then there are some things you might want to do and change to give yourself an edge over the competition. Some things are small, some are big but all will cut down on the weight while you ride and give you the extra speed and seconds you may need to cross the finish line first.

Electronic Vs Mechanical Shifting: What's Better?

By 2 years ago 4313 Views 3 comments

1 Jun 2015 1:42:24 PM

When it comes to cycling of any kind, there are advances that are going to come along that don't pan out or ones that people just don't want to try. There will also be great ones that really make a difference. In the shifting realm the debate still rages between Electronic and Mechanical. There are purists who stick with only mechanical and refuse to try electronic. There are electronic users who will never go back to mechanical and there are those that use both.

Local Bike Shop Now Offers To Come To Your Office & Service Your Bike Whilst You Work!

By 2 years ago 11966 Views No comments

 photo BikeServiced_zpshvzdxbht.png

Sydney based bike shop, The Bicycle Store, is now offering mobile bike servicing as part of their ongoing commitment to serving the cycling community.

Having launched the service in the last week of April, head mechanic at The Bicycle Store, Geoff Hepburn, has been inundated with work in and around the Sydney CBD.

"It's actually taken off a lot quicker than we expected." Hepburn said. "It started out as an idea we were tossing around, and after deciding to test it out, we realised that this service solved a real problem for cyclists."

Whilst mobile bike servicing is really nothing new, it was the way that the team at The Bicycle Store integrated it that made it unique. Customers can view the calendar of available times during office hours to have their bike serviced and book a time that is free and suitable for both themselves and The Bicycle Store mechanics.

"Having a system like this ensures that we can meet the demand, provide a great service, and allow our mechanics to be properly organised and supplied with the correct gear. It really is a win-win situation for everyone involved." said Geoff.

The service is only $99 and includes a mechanic coming to your office in the Sydney CBD and performing a gear & brake adjustment, chain & cable lubrication, tyre pressure correction & tyre wear inspection, tighten all bolts including crank, check the drivetrain for wear, a minor wheel true & cleaning the bike.

The Bicycle Store hopes to expand the service and get more mechanics on the road in the coming months, said Geoff. "Its just a matter of ensuring that as it grows, the quality of service doesn't diminish."

It certainly sounds like a winner to us. To book a service, click the link below - we look forward to seeing you soon!

Book A Service Here

What Bike Tyres Do I Need?

By 2 years ago 2557 Views 1 comment

When looking for suitable tyres to use on your mountain bike or road bike the amount of variety on the market can sometimes appear a little overwhelming.

With so many options to choose from how on earth are you supposed to figure out how to spend your money wisely?

In this article we're going to look at tyre options for both mountain biking and road cycling, so let’s get started with the former and see if we can make some sense of what’s on offer!

Shimano Road Pedals: What Do I Really Need?

By 2 years ago 11974 Views 1 comment

Ever since the biking craze began in the 1970’s, Shimano has been there. You know that right? And in 1990, Shimano took the lead with their revolutionary cleats and pedals.  So incredible was their design and engineering that the same ideas are used in all cleats and pedals today. 

As of today, this technology and the engineering prowess of Shimano has made them holders of 50% of the world biking market.  As you may know, part of the reason they hold so much of the market is the quality of their products. 

Each pedal that is made has to go through a VIA - Vehicle Inspection Authority.  Each pedal that passes out of the facility is stamped with the VIA logo – a testament to their commitment to quality. Their adherence to high quality, innovative thinking and engineering finesse has led them to be the go-to in cleats and pedals today.

So when it comes to getting a new set of pedals, which are the most suitable for you?

7 Reasons Why Your Cardio Workout Needs A Spin Class

By 2 years ago 7422 Views No comments

Have you ever done a Spin Class? Thought about doing a spin class? Or have no idea what a spin class is?

Well don’t worry, either way you are in the right place!

A spin class is an indoor group cycling class that provides a vigorous workout, gets your leg muscles in shape and burns calories in an energizing, fun environment.Spin classes are conducted indoor’s in gyms and fitness studio’s where each participant rides their own stationary “spin bike” through workouts set by the class instructor.

Class participants are guided through workout phases that include, but aren’t limited to: warm-up, steady up-tempo cadences, sprints, climbs and cool-downs, just to name a few. You control resistance on your bike to make the pedalling as easy or difficult as you choose. Constant adjustment is normal.

This article outlines the 7 reasons why your cardio workout needs to have a spin class in it, whether you have done one in the past or not! 

The Felt Bikes Story You Probably Didn't Know

By 2 years ago 4843 Views No comments

Felt bikes began out of the need for speed – and they haven’t slowed down yet.  Jim Felt was working as a mechanic for the famed motor cross racer, Johnny O’ Mara.  Johnny O’Mara trained for his motor cross races by participating in triathlons.  He came to Jim with the request for a bike specifically geared for his triathlon.  He asked the right guy, as Jim had some amazing ideas for seat height and aerodynamics he was itching to put together.  His ideas proved to be excellent, improving O’Mara’s speed in his next few triathlons. 

How Does Lactic Acid Affect Your Cycling Effort?

By 2 years ago 13992 Views 5 comments

As you are climbing a steep hill, or entering the final push of a race and even sometimes at the start of a race – you feel the burn.  That burning sensation is often blamed on lactic acid, which is only partially correct.  There is a lot going on in those muscles and you can only blame lactic acid for some of it.