Honestly, cycling changes lives.

It’s hard to say when exactly that transition from casual bike rider to absolute die-hard enthusiast happens but for all of us riders who have gone through that motion – we guarantee it’s a real thing, and a beautiful thing at that.

For myself it was almost as subtle as it gets.

One day I was a 14 year old “skateboarder” and as Christmas rolled around and my parents asked the age old question “what do you want for Christmas?”

A new bike was the answer and funnily enough, it changed my life forever.

After that Christmas in 2005, BMX has never left my life. If anything it has actually become more important in my life with every day that passes and it’s the same for all cyclists.

Cycling will change you.

You see; cycling isn’t just a great way to socialize, stay fit or even get the adrenalin pumping.

It’s so much more than that.

Cycling has the ability to alter lives in all kinds of directions because it will alter your perspective on how you actually see the world around you.

Whatever mundane activities you may partake in during the majority of your days will be interrupted by the thought of cycling, even at the most random of times.

It’ll hit you when you least expect it.

You may just be walking down the street one day and you’ll see a group of cyclists fly by at 60km/h and you’ll simply smile because you know that’s you on the weekend with your family and friends.

You’ll have a feeling of belonging – something that seems to be missing in today’s fast paced and money-focused world.

With that said, here are the three core ways in which your life will change if you invite cycling to be apart of your life and from all of us here at The Bicycle Store, we say, invite it in already.

Mikel Ortega overlooking ocean

1. Your Environment Will Change

And no we don’t mean physically.

As with all perspective changes it’s about seeing what you already see, from another perspective, another point of view.

Once you become a cyclist, a road is no longer a road.

You start to look for the best bicycle lanes and routes that you can cycle on the weekend or on your way to work.

The world around you becomes exciting again.

When you become a BMX rider the whole world becomes your playground, your Skate Park you could say.

For myself a set of stairs with a hand rail is no longer a convenient way to get up and down a stair set – it’s become an obstacle in which I could really push my mind and skills to the limit, whether that’s grinding down the rail or spinning down the stairs.

Being able to sit at the top of those stairs, second guess myself but commit to the outcome anyway is an amazing feeling.

Scary for most but it’s amazing for those who thrive off of it.

And it’s the same for mountain bikers – the whole world just becomes your terrain. You’ll start finding all the best tracks, competitions, meet-ups, whatever it may be to become more involved within your sport and your passion.

Eventually you’ll start to wonder how cycling was never apart of your life in the first place and may even regret that you didn’t start sooner.

Freestyle BMX Rider

2. Your View On Other Cyclists Change

Please put your hands up if you’ve once hated on a cyclist - especially a road cyclist.

Thank you for being honest.

You see though, once you become that cyclist on the road in your best Lycra kit, sunglasses and perfectly fitted helmet - the hate will disappear and a sense of comradery will manifest.

Every cyclist you meet is another comrade, seeking the exact thrill and challenge that you are – you become a family of brothers and sisters.

Personally I find it so easy to rock up at a skate park in any country and just start riding with someone because the bond is simply undeniable.

I ride a BMX, he rides a BMX and no doubt our whole lifestyle around it is going to be very similar.

Before I know it we’ll be trying tricks together and having such a great time that I’ll often forget to find out their name. It’s the best, the only downside may be the awkward goodbye without knowing their name but I’m working on that.

But you see now you’ll want to be surrounded by other cyclists more often.

You will enjoy the satisfaction of teaching new cyclists how to best ride in groups, engaging in competitions and events together but best of all you will get to see the world together from a new and liberated perspective – which is priceless.

And that leads us to our third point.

Lifestyle will change

3. Your Whole Lifestyle Will Change

This is the ultimate change in becoming that die-hard cycling enthusiast.

You’re going to want to be on your bike – ALL THE TIME!

You will have a thirst for adventure like you’ve never known.

You won’t be satisfied if you’re not going as fast as you can on the roads, going crazy fast down hills or just pushing yourself out on the streets on your BMX.

Every moment in the sunshine will be an opportunity to be out on two wheels living that adventure and you’re going to plan everything around it.

Your travels around the world, your scheduled time off work and even your diet and gym routine to make yourself that little bit extra prepared come time for your next ride.

Did we happen to mention that we couldn’t find any negatives to these changes?

They’re all positive impacts on your lifestyle that won’t just make you healthier; they’ll make you happier.

Are You Ready To Embrace Your Best Self & Change Your Perspective Of The World?

We leave you with that one final question.

We already know the thrill, excitement, and our overall passion for life that has evolved from picking up a bicycle all those years ago – won’t you come join us?

If your already on the same side of the fence as us - let us know in the comments below if you remember when cycling went from that casual hobby to die-hard passion it is today and help us create some new comrades!

Jackson Anderson is a passionate BMX rider and all round cycling enthusiast. In his spare time he is a freelance blogger who can be contacted here on Twitter.