Cycling Safety Starts With the Right Gear
There’s nothing like getting out and about on your bike, but it’s vitally important that you have the right gear to make sure you can stay safe on the road.
Here are the five pieces of cycling gear we believe you should never leave home without.
1. Bike helmet
A bike helmet is the most essential item for cycling safety. It is illegal to ride a bike without a helmet in Australia, and there’s a very good reason for that – it protects your head in the unfortunate occurrence of you being involved in an accident. Remember that head injuries can affect your brain, so cost should not be a factor when choosing a bike helmet. It’s absolutely essential that you have the safest helmet you can, as it can save your life.
2. Reflective or high-vis gear
This was a hot topic in the recently published article on ‘Exercising safely on the roads in your neighbourhood’. We were thrilled to be asked by NSW Compensation Lawyers to feature in the piece and offer our top advice for your safety when cycling.
You should always wear something reflective or bright while cycling, whether it’s clothing, a backpack or other accessories, to make sure you can be seen by other commuters and car drivers, especially if you’re cycling at night.
3. Bike lights
There are two types of bike lights that are both essential for keeping you safe – those that help you see better and those that help you to be seen more easily by others. Both should be used day and night to ensure maximum visibility at all times. There are lots of different bike lights on the market – it’s advisable to compare factors such as brightness, power source, battery life and cost, to find the one that’s right for you.
4. Gloves
While not a legal requirement, gloves are highly useful when you’re cycling. Not only do they offer additional protection in the event of an accident, but they also help to keep your hands more comfortable and warm, especially if you’re cycling during the winter months.
5. Cycling glasses
Again, there is no law requiring you to wear cycling glasses, but we recommend them, as they help you see more clearly in difficult conditions, which is essential for road safety. They also protect you from dirt being flicked up from the road into your eyes.
The Bicycle Store is always happy to help with all your cycling requirements – we look forward to seeing you soon!