Unfortunately, your bike doesn’t run on leg power alone. It also needs some elbow grease, lots of­ love, and a good ­listen. You may not know every remedy your bike needs to live a long life, but you can gain enough knowledge to keep it in first class shape and out of your local shop. At The Bicycle Store, we help you achieve this by providing great information, sound advice and a wide range of products for your maintenance needs.We all know that feeling when you’re riding along and you hear or feel a noise in your bike. As hard as you try to ignore it, it drives you mad until eventually you either try and fix it, change bikes or stop riding.

The following is a checklist of all bike components that could be causing that frustrating noise. Obviously the majority of bike components are revolutionary, in that they spin or turn in a bearing to propel the bike forward. Lack of lubrication is often the most common cause of noises and vibrations in your bike and/or its components.

Depending on the location of the noise, test the following areas and ensure they are properly lubricated.

Bicycle Maintenace, eliminating the squeaks

14 Tips for Keeping your Bike Maintained

  1. As a general rule, if it is threaded, grease it.
  2. Make sure your bike is clean. It’s very hard to adjust a bike properly if it is dirty and unlubricated.
  3. Perfect the inevitable chore of changing a flat tyre. This will make your life a lot easier!
  4. Always carry some Nylon tyre levers with you when out on a ride.
  5. Make sure you organise the order of all parts when disassembling something. Whilst trying to figure out how it goes together may be fun initially, it will save you time and heartache in the long run.
  6. Ensure that you always check tyre pressure before every ride, especially if you’re running tubeless.
  7. Don’t forget the three most important tools to have with you on a ride:
  1. One that is often overlooked when tinkering with anything near your cranks, is to make sure you shift into the large ring first so your hand isn’t hurt by the chainring teeth.
  2. Ensure you check for bearing play in your headset, hubs, and cranks every so often. If you can feel play or even a slight wiggle in these components, they will most likely need an adjustment. Early detection and effective treatment will be less expensive.
  3. Periodically check how tight your crank bolts are using a torque wrench. You should check them after every ride for the first week if you are riding a brand new bike.
  4. Threadlocker is a must-have­ for bolts that assemble using standard hand tools. This will stop bolts and fasteners from rattling loose due to vibrations and bumps.
  5. Don’t forget that if your bike is making a noise, it is feedback, rather than frustration. Don’t ignore it.
  6. If your bike has a crank that is creaking, remove the crank bolts, lubricate the threads, and reinstall as it can potentially be loose on the spindle. Tighten the bolts using a torque wrench.
  7. If the rear-derailleur pulley wheels on your bike are noisy, use a light lubricant to quieten them down.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know any of your favourite cycling maintenance tips! Until next time, enjoy your ride!

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