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Trouser Clips

Trouser clips and straps are sometimes also referred to as anklets,  designed to secure the riders trouser leg on the drive-train side they assist in keeping your work pants or trousers clean whilst reducing the possibility of your trousers getting snagged in your bicycles drive-train components.

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  1. Flouro Cycling Trouser Bands
    Flouro Cycling Trouser Bands
    $5.08 $4.62
    $5.08 $5.08 Click for price
  2. Classic Steel Trouser Clips
    Classic Steel Trouser Clips
    $13.04 $10.54
    $13.04 $13.04 Click for price
  3. Zefal Doowah Pant Ties
    Zefal Doowah Pant Ties
    $21.99 $17.77
    $21.99 $21.99 Click for price

3 Items

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