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Cleat Differences & Information

Shimano Spd SL Cleats Differences

Yellow, Red or Blue Bike Cleats?  These are the SPD - SL Series by Shimano for Road.

What is the diffference between the different coloured cleats?

Red cleats are for the experienced rider. Zero Float. Suitable for a rider that has a good amount of time in the saddle who require their shoe & cleat fit is optimized. 

Yellow cleats are for most riders. 6 degree float. This cleat requires the least tuning to get get into a good position..perfect for DIY!

Blue cleats are for experienced riders requiring less stress on their knees. 2 degree float.


Floating Or Fixed Cleats?

Float is meausured in degrees, and is the amount by which your cleated cycling shoe can move, before releasing from the pedal.

Cleats can have a degree of float built into them to allow your feet to pivot slightly as you pedal.  Some cleats are zero-float, or fixed, which keep your feet 'locked in' to the pedal. Most riders use cleats with 6 degrees of float, this being a good compromise between having good "power to the pedal" and healthy knees!


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  1. Shimano SPD-SL SH11 Cleats - Yellow
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    Shimano SPD-SL Compatible Cleats
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